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פרסים ותעודות הוקרה

In today's world of mass production, where most documents are printed, handwritten Honorary Diplomas and Certificates continue to be used in the most important cases. This is the only way to convey to their recipients such a valuable sense of individual respect and appreciation for their personal contribution.
Avraham Borshevsky creates such documents to order for state, public and religious organizations in Israel and abroad. A pure calligraphic composition of text, or with the addition of decorative typography. An entire handwritten document, or only a handwritten name on a printed surface.

Full-handwritten documents' samples:

Parchment Certificate of rabbinical ordination signed by Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg OBM. In Hebrew.

קלף קליגרפיה עברית אברהם בורשבסקי.jpg

Parchment Diploma of the Laureate of the Maimonides Award. Hebrerw, Kazakh and English. 2004

קלף הרמב"ם.jpg

תעודת קלף באנגלית ובעברית מטעם הקרן הקיימת לישראל

תעודת קלף.jpg
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